Who can you learn about in the UK Black History Zone?

From Monday 4 October to Friday 15 October students can connect with historians, to learn about the figures that helped shape the modern-day UK, in the UK Black History Zone.

Students can read the historical figures profiles, Ask questions about them and Chat with the historians about them.

Here are just some of the historical figures you can learn about, from Roman Britain to the 20th Century:

Profile picture of Ivory Bangle Lady

Ivory Bangle Lady

The Ivory Bangle Lady lived in Roman Britain during the fourth century AD. Some members of her family came from North Africa. She grew up in either western Britain or in Europe. She moved to York, where she died between the ages of 18 and 23. The things buried with her show she was a rich woman, who may have been connected with the Roman army or with traders. We don’t know much about her life, but we can make some sensible guesses based on what she was buried with and what we know about Roman York when she lived there.
Profile picture of Henrie Anthonie Jetto
Henrie Anthonie Jetto
Henry Antonie Jetto was an African person living in Worcestershire, England in the sixteenth and seventeenth century. Very few records survive from this period but we have Jetto’s baptism record from 3 March 1596. This shows us that he was 26 years old when he was baptised. Jetto is recorded in 1607 to be working as a gardener for Sir Henry Bromley of Holt Castle. Before dying Henrie Antonie Jetto wrote and signed his own will on 20 September 1626. This is one of the very few documents written by an African person, in Britain, at this time and is one of the first wills written by an African person in the UK.

Profile picture of Dido Elizabeth Belle

Dido Elizabeth Belle

Dido Elizabeth Belle was born to an English Captain in the Royal Navy and an African enslaved woman outside of marriage. Dido was raised by her great-uncle. Dido received an education, allowance, was brought up as a lady and was in charge of the dairy and poultry yard of the house.

Profile picture of William Cuffay

William Cuffay

William Cuffay was a tailor and an important and influential leader of the Chartist movement. In 1848 he was transported to Tasmania (Australia) after being convicted of “conspiring to levy war” against Queen Victoria. Although later pardoned, he never returned to the UK. He continued to fight for the political rights of the working classes in Tasmania until his death in 1870.

Profile picture of Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole was a nurse who grew up in Jamaica in the nineteenth century. She was a nurse and helped soldiers in the Crimean war by giving them a clean and hygienic place to stay and a good diet so they could recover from their injuries and travel back to England. She wrote a book about her experiences and helped to transform how nurses cared for their patients.

Profile picture of Claudia Jones

Claudia Jones

Simply a tireless and dynamic civil rights activist!

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