• Question: how hard is life

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    • Photo: William Cuffay

      William Cuffay answered on 8 Oct 2021:

      Life for William Cuffay was quite hard. He was very frustrated at the lack of power working-class people like him had. He fought against this and was eventually punished for his political activities. He was convicted of “conspiring to levy war” against Queen Victoria and transported to Australia. He never stopped fighting to create a more equal and just world though!

    • Photo: Claudia Jones

      Claudia Jones answered on 8 Oct 2021:

      With little income coming in from her work as editor of the important West Indian Gazette, life would have been hard due to the lack of money.

    • Photo: Ivory Bangle Lady

      Ivory Bangle Lady answered on 8 Oct 2021:

      From what we can tell from the Ivory Bangle Lady’s skeleton, she didn’t have to carry out hard physical labour, and she seems to have been well fed and nourished throughout her life. The grave goods she was buried with were also very expensive, suggesting she lived in a wealthy house. Although we can’t be sure, we can guess that her quality of life was a lot higher than many other people living in Roman Britain at this time, and she probably had a much easier life than some of her peers.